Get help to find your own style


Artiklen bringes kun på engelsk – In the cosy store close to the canals in Copenhagen, you will not only find a wide selection of clothes for work as well as parties – you will also find a personal service in a league of their own.

Karina Wærum is a designer and stylist who has a particular good ability to see what suits you, and the styling and the high level of service, is some of the things Porte à Gauche is especially known for.

“We love to advice our customers and help them find their own style. Therefore, we offer a one-on-one session in our store – both within our regular opening hours and on odd times.”

You can book the store for yourself for a night with a group of friends or colleagues, where you can enjoy bubbles and snacks, while you are styled and receive tips.

“This way, you will also get feedback from those who are used to see you in your everyday clothes, which also inspires most people to be more daring.”

A special selection
The collection at Porte à Gauche is a wide selection of Danish and international brands, such as Dea Kudibal, Hope, Ba&Sh, Dante6 and Sibin Linnebjerg to name a few.

“We also cooperate with the designer Christina Koch, who creates styles just for us. This cooperation will be increased during the fall, as her designs are very popular.”

Here you can find clothes for everyday as well as parties, and if you are looking for gifts, the selection of scarfs, belts, jewelleries, stockings and bags are extensive.

“I choose what I like to wear and less by what is trending. My suppliers often tell me, that I have chosen styles from different collections than others, but this only makes me happy because that means, that the selection you can find here is not like all the other places.”

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