Unique children’s clothes and knits


Artiklen bringes kun på engelsk – The store with children’s clothing and toys is located close to Kultorvet, and sells the most wonderful things for children. We have visited the petite and cosy store to have a chat with Bente, the owner of the store.

Bente Lillevang has owned the store since 2010. She designs and sews a part of the clothes and toys herself, as well as knitting like crazy for the little ones.

What is the best part about being in charge of Miniministeriet?
The best part of having a store like mine, is the customers excitement when they visit. That makes it all worth it! I am often told, that I have the cosiest store in Copenhagen – and that is great!

What signifies Miniministeriet?
Miniministeriet is characterised by unique clothes and knitting, that can only be purchased here. And I make a great deal out of making sure, that people have a good experience and a high level of service. I have a lot of regular customers, which I believe is a sign of them being satisfied.

What is in line for the store in the nearest future?
End of August, beginning of September, I will open a Miniministeriet online shop! I am very excited about this, as it is something that has been requested for many years now – and now I am doing it!

What is it like to be located in the centre of Copenhagen?
My store has an amazing location. I really have a lot of both tourists and locals coming here. And many of the children from the local families in the area regularly visits in my store. They always get fruit bars, which they are quite crazy about.
My customers are everyone from the newly parents, the grandparents, and those who are looking for a gift.

What is trending within children’s clothes?
I feel the customers are being more concerned with the environment. Therefore, I have a wide selection of organic clothes, wool, and clothes made of bamboo.

What makes it fun to be in charge of Miniministeriet?
I love my job! I feel so privileged, that I can make a living of what I like the most. To be creative and talk to a lot of different people. Not two days are the same. All the positive feedback I receive every day, is the best!